Rude Boy (P-Square) – Call Heaven


Paul Okoye (P-Square) - Call Heaven Mp3 Download

Rude Boy one half of the duo, P-Square unleashes this emotional record titled “Call Heaven”. On this one, Paul Okoye acknowledges the fact that all is not well in Squareville.
Could this be the end of P-Square?

Check the song out! Comment your thoughts below..




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  1. zeeHOPE

    I knw d game will soon b over…but u will go far I belive

  2. Beiweh Chindo

    Great and touching song Paul. Love the concept and wish u don’t only sing but make a step towards ur bro”mr p”. Try to work things out and I believe all will be well. U guys ain’t build to fight against urselfs . ur brotherhood with mr p comes first. Mr P + Rudeboy= P square . we look up to u guys. Lots of love

  3. ceen

    Can u imagine???.. Mtchewwww. So this is the crap ur all getting teary eyed over?? auto tuning and mastering plus its just typical psquare slow beat notin awesome except the obviously fake crying in the background ABEGi!!! YALL SHOULD Stop the media hype or are y’all getting paid?? Never found my emotional side though perhaps m biased.#SMH lemmie listen to peter own as some people say its worse.. Any link here so I don’t waste time surfing the net!!

  4. ceen

    So I did my homework pretty good Some one check the time stamp bet its pretty good time hun???. Well get the gist right people that song by MrP I mean peterpsquare isn’t his solo effort can u believe that !!!! It was actually part of the free for fans songs released last year (2015)cuz they dint make the album double trouble.. What MrP did d one on his instagram page is just a remake sing along n hey for the record n what its worth I prefer it!!!!….
    Finally y’all should stop drinking someone’s panadol ok brothers broke up SFW??? Its a whole new start thin ever happened.
    B.S mgt review this quickly thanks

    Mgt:your welcome

  5. no brother for johngly depart face ur sharlageis k

  6. jeff bare

    @ ceen if u don’t know what to comment keep off .bad belle

  7. jeff bare

    Am a great fan of P square,pls bro we ur fans all over the world need u guys back as a team drop this madness

  8. revive uche

    i hv true love for u guys since 2004 i started supporting u as a fan, pls u guys should come back

  9. With this song am emotionaly affected,pls i beg u guys in the name of God try all u can to come back together,i believe with my prayers God will surely intervene in this matter,congrat in advance

  10. Finally God has done it again for us fans of psquare,as they are finally back together to give us the usual sweetest collabo!