Singer, Seyi Shay Says Many People are Happy She is Going Through Problems

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Singer, Seyi Shay Says Many People are Happy She is Going Through Problems

Singer, Seyi Shay Says Many People are Happy She is Going Through Problems

Popular female singer, Seyi Shay is back making controversial posts on social media, and this comes hours after she called Nigerians a “gullible” crop of people who she simply finds “funny”.

“I know most of us have suffered the consequences of this,” the Irawo singer captioned a meme that advises against telling people ‘more than they need to know. “Not every one is happy for you and most are happy that you are going through problems,” she continued, adding, “They even laugh behind your back… Beware. Be silent. Be still

In her Saturday interview with Punch, where she address the recent Tiwa Savage diss, the 30-year-old singer, real name is Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua, denied throwing shade at the Mavin queen, instead blamed Nigerians for misreading her ‘playful’ post.


And here’s some of what PUNCH wrote:

“Please I would love it if you call her now and ask her this same question if there is any beef between Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay.

The pop diva further explained that her post had nothing to do with Tiwa Savage, describing it as a harmless quote.

“There is a quote that says that a competitive mind is not a creative mind and it is something I believe in. Girls compete against one another a lot and it is too much. Everybody competes but I think females do it a lot for no reason at all. If you are too busy competing, you will not have time to be creative. The post on Instagram was not directed to anybody, I was just minding my business but people took it the wrong way. I am aware that some people thought I was directing it at Tiwa Savage but I was not. After I had posted it, I told myself that I hope people would not think it was directed at anybody but I didn’t care that much; so I just left it.

“I read what she said about me but to be honest, when I post comments online, I am very sarcastic. People should be very careful when they listen to me speak and give answers because you will never know if I am serious or not.

I play with Nigerians so much and that is because I think they are so gullible and I think it is funny. I did not feel any way about the comment she made about me. They ignore me, I ignore them.”

Now, she is talking about telling people more than they need to know, and fans are wondering who this latest speech is directed at.


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